Tech links for writers

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Lurking on forums is a great way to learn about the latest assistive software for  writers.

The best thing I’ve done recently is rejoin Facebook. I don’t have friends there but I do follow the conversations in writers’ and editors’ groups.

This week I learnt about a stylistic editing software called ProWritingAid. It checks your grammar and highlights stylistic issues such as repeated words, lack of variety in sentence length, and phrases that could be shortened.

I haven’t tried ProWritingAid so I don’t know what it’s like to use. Having seen how many writers struggle with style, I’m pleased that there is software available to help.

Another editing software that’s new to me is Fictionary. It’s designed to help fiction writers work on structure at an early stage in writing a novel. I can’t imagine how it works. I’ll have to try it sometime.

A whole industry of professionals has developed around the indy author scene. It’s fascinating that software development is a part of that too.

If you’ve been blogging since the early 00s, you might be interested in Neil Patel’s article. Patel, a blog professional, outlines how blogging has changed over the last 15 years or so. The article reminds us that veteran bloggers need to keep an eye on the changing digital landscape. Otherwise we may find ourselves blogging like it’s 2004 in 2024!

Thanks to Patel’s article I’ve started thinking about voice search.  Web users are no longer just typing key words into search browsers, they’re speaking them.

SEO specialists need to optimise websites for the longer and more conversational search terms used in speech.

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