10 book cover design tips

#TheGreenWitch hashtagged images on Instagram 30/09/2018
  1. Take care with your cover. Attractive covers are more shareable on social media. Check out #TheGreenWitch on Instagram. (Read about the influence of Instagram on cover design in this Guardian newspaper article.)
  2. Your cover will be thumbnail size on booksellers’ websites. Check whether the image looks attractive in miniature. Can you see the design clearly?
  3. Look at the covers of bestsellers in your genre and other genres. Is your art appropriate for your genre? Pay attention to the typical colours, lettering styles and images used for books like yours.
  4. The front should have a title and a tag line. Does the tag line clearly tell readers what kind of book it is? Avoid cryptic tag lines if you’re an unknown. Readers need to know what the book is about.
  5. If the book is printed, include a blurb on the back cover. It’s your sales pitch. Read about copywriting before writing it.
  6. Lettering is at least as important as pictures. Are your letters balanced, harmonious and beautiful? The wrong size, weight, colour or style will ruin your book cover. Lettering is art!
  7. Colour is also important. With the right lettering and colour a cover may have no need of other imagery.
  8. Avoid ornate lettering styles that are difficult to read.
  9. When preparing a book for digital publication, check the publisher’s website to see the technical requirements. Images may need to be a certain size or quality.
  10. Show your cover to other people. Ask what the image communicates. Find out whether your design is inadvertently offensive or easily misunderstood. Friends from different backgrounds may see things in the design that you don’t.


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